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About Amber


Amber began performing  at a young age, beginning with small stage productions that eventually grew into national level competitions. Not long after, she found herself in a transition that turned her heart towards film and television.  She could think of no greater form of expression than acting. So following in the footsteps of her favorite actors, she began training in the art of the craft. This path allowed her to  learn and apply some of acting's most notable techniques: Stanislavski, Meisner, Chekhov, Chubbuck, and more...

Amber is a bilingual international actress who can speak both English and Spanish (castellano). She's appeared in numerous film, television, and theater productions throughout the US and Europe; as she currently lives and work between both markets. 

She has also fostered her love for weapons combat and continues to train in firearms and swordplay.


Through life and experience, Amber has found that the key to happiness is giving back. With this in mind, and heart, she founded a nonprofit organization called "Dallas Actors of Color" dedicated to the progress, support, and diversity of actors of color in her community.

"For all actors there comes a point in their life where nothing else makes sense. That's because acting chooses you. Not the other way around."

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